Tanz-Workshop Blues im Rahmen der M(a)y Swing Party

Hier die Infos für den Blues-Workshop im Rahmen der M(a)y Swing Party:

Preis: 35 € / 25 € Ermäßigung für Studierende

Ort: Haus der Blauen Sänger, Düstere-Eichen-Weg 26 in Göttingen

Anmeldung bis 23.4.2017 über das Anmeldeformular!


Die Lehrer:

Maxie started dancing at the age of four. Trying out several dance styles like ballet, ballroom, and jazz dance, her love for dancing grew over the years and was lifted to a new level when she discovered Lindy Hop in 2013 and Blues shortly after. Since then, she attended many national and international workshops and has grown especially fond of blues dancing, with its particular music, movements, and atmosphere. She enjoys passing on knowledge in classes and likes to focus especially on connection as well as body- and partner awareness throughout dancing.

Marco started dancing Swing in 2012. One year later he tried Blues and immediately fell in love with it. Since then he travels almost every month to blues events all over Europe. He now co-organises the Blues room at the Blaue Stunde in Berlin, a weekly balboa-/ swing- and blues party with live music, where he occasionally djs and – of course – indulges his passion of dancing.

Morning classes:
Blues FUNdamentals – Discover the basics of blues dancing and differences to Lindy hop
Get your blues groove on – Learn how to spice up your dance with funky solo and partnered moves

Afternoon classes:
Embrace it! – Experience the elegance and magic of close embrace in ballroom blues
Time to shine – Fancy moves and tricks to shine on the dance floor